• 'Block Ref' - reference to the pageblock

  • 'Block Description' - describe the pageblock

  • 'Text' - the displayed pageblock content

  • 'Graphic Files' - graphic file to display

  • 'Graphic Align' - position of graphic within pageblock content

  • 'Graphic Width / Height' - display size of graphic

  • 'Bookmark Tag' - bookmark reference for pageblock

  • Bookmark ...

  • Links ......

  • The value entered in the 'bookmark tag' creates a reference that can be included in a link from within the page, site, or any other internet source.

    Links can be created within the pageblock 'Text' content. Link is created with the following structure: <*LINK*LABEL>

    There are two links in the page example above.

    LINK 1 <**Verisign Security Information> links to the Verisign website security page and displays the link label 'Verisign Security Information'.

    LINK 2 <*#top*Top of Page> links to the top of the current page bookmark and displays the link label 'Top of Page'.